Soteria LifeJackets



SOTERIA LIFEJACKETS was founded in 2014 by Carl Conway (left) and Brad Devereux (right)Carl is an ex Search and Rescue pilot who served with the Royal Navy while Brad is a natural trailblazer; both are avid fishermen. They share a love of extreme fishing and would often find themselves having to maneuver into the most remote and extremely perilous locations to fish from. Wearing their old kayak PFDs, it was often frustrating getting to and from sites with all their kit.

Surely there had to be an easier way! Creative, innovative and determined, Brad was always looking for ways to improve conditions. That, coupled with Carl’s experience and survival skills was the start of a groundbreaking partnership.

Finally, we needed a company name that reflected our purpose and mission in life, 

 Soteria, a Greek goddess, or spirit, of safety and deliverance from harm.

* * *

Our ethos is to make life easier for fishermen and those associated with the water.

By definition, if it is easier, it must be safer, leading us to the name